Dear reader, It’s nice to meet you!

My name is Kirsten and I love getting to know people! I love it so much in fact that I’ve made a career of traveling the world to meet people and share their stories through beautiful stills and/or moving cinematic work!

Born and raised in Tulsa OK., I decided to pursue my love of visual communications at OSU Institute of Technology which took me to an internship in Cairo, Egypt. After graduation, I moved back to Cairo for work with an organization. Living in the Middle East / North Africa region opened doors to build friendships with people from all over the world (and meet my handsome husband, Zachary, pictured above!) and gave me opportunities to travel and experience more than I ever dreamed!

I’m currently hanging out in Ohio, USA, but enjoy traveling all over with the love of my life and favorite adventure buddy!

I’m excited you’re here, so please feel welcome to leave me a note or drop a line! I really can’t wait to hear from you and hear about the stories you have to tell!

Love and peace,